The reader who sent us this photograph tells us, "Whilst taking a smoke break from my favorite watering hole, Spuyten Duyvil, I noticed this ad plastered on to no less than seven telephone poles".

The flyer reads:

Ladies of Williamsburg, BEWARE!!! This man shit on the floor of my kitchen on October 6th, 2006 and then peaced. He might strike again. Approach with caution.

So much to get at here - are the gentlemen of Williamsburg not in danger? How did this lady get Frank's photograph before he "peaced"? "He might strike again"? Well, naturally - shitting is the nature of man.

Williamsburg may just be a bicycle ride over the bridge from Gawker Guest Editor HQ, but it might as well be whole another country.

Update: A reader writes in,

i just read the story about the man shitting in someone's kitchen floor, and no joke, that was my roommate who must have put that up. my roommate first was in denial and thought that some large animal did it, then thought that some guy broke into the apartment just to shit on our kitchen floor, then left without taking anything. my other roommate (sans shitty date) and i were adamant that it was frank. and look who's in the anger phase now? the best part is that he tried to clean it up with our dish rag, gave up, and just left a mess, half in the recycling container and half on our floor. ah, the silver lining is that there's so many jokes to be made about things being better than a shit on the floor.

We really, really needed to read that before lunch.