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The Wired News director who will oversee Reddit now that it's owned by Wired parent Condé Nast, already explained Wired's plan for the social bookmark site to Valleywag. Now Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian offers Reddit's take on the news coverage and the site's future.

I asked Reddit's founders how they felt about coverage on the tech blog TechCrunch, who compared Reddit to Digg (a more popular social news site), and where the company expects to go. Below is Alexis's reply, devoid of a Digg mention.

As far as I know, this was the first time we graced the pages of TechCrunch, so we're just happy for the coverage. In fact, I think Michael made some very good points about reddit's fast load time and high content-to-ad ratio. I do wish he'd mentioned our mascot, but oh well.

The team has been pretty much solidified ever since we got personalized mugs, so I believe any expansion in the near future would involve continuing to build out reddit as well as integrate technology with some existing [Condé Nast] web properties, like and We'd also like to continue building new sites — like — both for CN and outside clients.

Oh, and btw, we totally pwn3d [Wired's] Kourosh in Soul Caliber.

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