If you've been keeping up with the program, you'd know that today is the final day of my guest editorship, and this is my last post before Alex Balk and Chris Mohney take me behind the barn and put a bullet in me.

That sounded more homoerotic than I intended.

How do I feel right now? Sad that I'm done with this thing that consumed my waking hours for the past two weeks-plus. But mostly relieved that I don't have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow, hoping and praying that there would be enough material to write about. And hungry as shit, since I didn't have time for lunch or breakfast, something that's happened a few times during this gig and has given me newfound respect for people who blog for a living. Shit's harder than it looks.

But I can't complain. Blogging ain't exactly digging a ditch, and I haven't had this much fun sitting at my dining table for 10 hours at a time in quite a while. So lest I come off too ungrateful, here are the people I need to thank:

  • Chris, who took me by the hand and made it as painless as possible while convincing me that I was doing just fine (there goes the homoerotica again)
  • Alex, who really did all the heavy lifting with the postings; the posts you liked, they were all his
  • Interns Stephanie, Alexis, Neel, and especially Heather, who sent me that Code.TV A.J. link
  • All the tipsters with your keen eyes and gutter-stuck minds

And thanks to all the readers who stuck around in these uncertain times. I just tried to be the Gawker equivalent of Kyle Orton (Gawker regulars, ask Deadspin readers about Orton - you'll like him), you know, not making too many mistakes and keeping the seat warm until QB1 was ready, and then drinking heavily on off days. I'd like to think I was successful.

Before I get all misty eyed, I'm out, and I'm leaving the seat up for whoever comes in next.

- spinachdip