Please join us in welcoming these fine additions to the dysfunctionally combative Gawker family. The two ladies in the accompanying photo are new co-editor Emily Gould (at right) and new associate editor Doree Shafrir (at left).

Claiming the co-editor chair, Emily comes to us from Hyperion Books, where she was an editor of high esteem and prodigious accomplishment. In addition, she happened to be the author of our very own "Unsolicited" book industry column, and she has her very own blog. Emily has also been known to dabble in the performing comedic arts.

Doree arrives to take up the new position of associate editor at Gawker. She's a prolific contributor to tiny online cottage industries such as Slate, New York magazine, Radar, and the New York Observer, and she edits online literary magazine The Crier. She is scrupulously civil, but takes no guff from anyone.

Both Emily and Doree will introduce themselves to you personally later in the day. We suggest you be extraordinarily nice to them, as they will control a significant portion of your workday distraction routine from now on.