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  • L. Lo admits that her whorey ways are inspired by Scary Sadshaw and her pals. Well, she is starting to look about 43.[Egotastic]
  • Courtney . . . Britney . . . Britnourtney . . . Critney? [cityrag]
  • Ryan Phillppe apparently spent some time Down Underpants with an Australian costar. [Page Six]
  • For some krazy, unfathomable reason, no one is remotely interested in Laura "JT Leroy" Albert's memoir, or James Frey's stories. Cheering. Perhaps we bailed on publishing too soon. (Not). [NYO]
  • Anna Nicole comes down with "pneumonia" due to a "cold snap" in the Bahamas. Huh. It'll be a cold day in the Bahamas when we believe that one. [NYDN]