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"The entire point of living in Connecticut or Westchester is to limit your exposure to people who are from Long Island and New Jersey," said one magazine editor who has been commuting from Westport, Conn., through Grand Central for over a decade. "That's why we live there, it's why we wear natural fabrics, and it's why we don't stucco our homes. Granted, there are a lot of people in Westport and Darien who grew up on the island and vowed to end all the ridicule by buying a first home here, but these are the people who wear Nicole Miller and practically strive out loud. As far as we're concerned, Long Island might as well be Barbados—fine for a vacation, but year-round is so not going to happen."

"Ahh, fuck youse," responded a Penn Station commuter through a mouthful of Auntie Anne's pretzel.

Beneath Their Stations [NYO]