The Go Fug Yourself girls have snagged a photo of Ann Curry's Cher costume, and what a costume it was:

[I]t's days like Halloween on which I think Ann wonders how she got from a journalism degree and two LA-area Emmys to a job that requires her to parade around in a Cher costume, exposing her bits (toned though they may be) in a spangly spandex jumpsuit while people across America gape in unsettled alarm. Not because there is anything wrong with her figure, but because this is Ann f'ing Curry, and America is not ready for their relationship with Ann f'ing Curry to get to this level.

And with that, we officially bid Halloween '06 adieu, and begin thinking of how Ann Curry can reveal her toned bits next year in a way that doesn't involve an accident with the sequin truck.