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PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers, which we try to post several times per week. So before attending to any other of your daily matters, be sure to type those babies out and send them in. Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let the world know about the time you spotted Brooke Shields, barefoot and snookered in the Trader Vic's parking lot.

In today's episode: Harrison Ford; Owen "The Butterscotch Stallion" Wilson and Rick Rubin; Jodie Foster; Paris Hilton, Brooke Shields and Rita Wilson; Nicky Hilton, Brandon Davis, Brandy, Frankie Muniz; Aaron Carter,, Scott Storch and Britney Spears; TR Knight; Kirsten Dunst; Jessica Alba and Cash Warren; Vincent Gallo; Molly Sims; Helen Hunt, Matthew Carnahan, and Robin Ruzan; Annabeth Gish; Kim Basinger; Minnie Driver; Shawnee Smith; Jeff Garlin; Ileana Douglas and Emily Deschanel; Paul Reubens; Amanda Seyfried; Michael Rosenbaum; Julian Sands; Shirley Manson and Suge Knight.

· Friday afternoon, Chan Dara, Santa Monica. Harrison Ford looking incognito and classy, swigged diet coke with another guy looking equally as old. Although he is definitely hot for his age, I am positive that unless the studio is approving "Indiana Jones and the Hip-Replacement of Doom," (sponsored by Ensure) he does NOT need to be donning that hat ever again!

· Wednesday, November 25 at the Bonnie "Prince" Billy show at the Malibu Performing Arts Center

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and friends performed to an audience of attractive hipsters which included the Butterscotch Stallion himself, Mr. Owen Wilson, who, inexplicably, was being squired about by Rick Rubin. Owen was also with some hot blonde (not Kate Hudson). It was a lovely night made all the more beautiful by the venue, seeing Rick Rubin give avuncular advice to some indie hopeful, and passing the gorgeous Owen Wilson on the staircase in the semi-dark.

· Bleary eyed me, on my morning coffee run, opening the door to my preferred West Hollywood Coffee Establishment (and everyone else's...), now that The Bean sucks so hard core... So I open the door and am directly confronted with sunglassed, workout-gear clad Jodie Foster, my childhood idol. I think it is a sign. Not that I haven't seen her before, but this time, it's a sign. I think...

· On Saturday, some friends and I headed over to Trader Vic's. As we walked (yes, walked) into the parking lot, we see a tall woman standing by a stretch hummer limo, wearing plenty of faux hair (extensions, or perhaps a weave?), and a white Playboy bunny outfit, complete with ears and a tutu skirt. I thought it must be one of the "girls next door"—until she turned towards us, and we realized it was none other than Paris Hilton. She was obviously not in a good mood, as she stomped from the stretch Hummer into a sports car while screaming at her staff to get their act together and generally looking really pissed off.

As we were leaving, we encountered Brooke Shields and Rita Wilson standing in formal black gowns, chatting in the valet area with some friends. Brooke was standing there in the parking lot without any shoes on, and yet was still very tall. She and Rita seemed completely hammered, and could not stop giggling. They are both very pretty.

· Amongst the ghouls and goblins on Halloween night, Hollywood was abuzz with Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Brandon Davis, Brandy, Frankie Muniz, Aaron Carter, from the Black Eyed Peas, Scott Storch and others turning out for the AOL Music Kevin Federline Record Release Party. Hosted by Mrs. Federline, aka Britney Spears, at the Hollywood roaming after-hours "in-the-know" hot spot Xenni - many came in costume including Paris as a super hero, Nicky as a school girl and Brandon as "fire crotch" - the infamous reference to another young Hollywood starlet...

· So I was at the Pacific Design Center with a client, when a handsome young gentleman caught my eye. He checked me out. I checked him out — green t-shirt, blue jeans, cute butt. Checked the face again, ohmigosh, it was TR Knight.

· ive had an influx of celebrity sightings lately.....

kiki drunkst (aka kirsten dunst) on la brea and melrose sunday afternoon enjoying lunch with a few pals. i was there getting PINKBERRYS and noticed her. shes small and 'gross' as my boyfriend proclaimed loudly.

jessica alba and cash warren outside the velvet margarita cantina on cahuenga (very cute place, terrible service!) waiting for valet. there was no one on the street but them and a crazy bum trying to talk to them. when i pointed her out jessica albas boyfriend heard me (i dont know how!) and shot me a dirty look.

vincent gallo at the ripe tv halloween event last night. i found the paparazzi much more interesting than him as i tried to haggle picture prices out of this lady paparazzi. she wouldnt tell me how much they make per celeb. the upside is that i managed to heckle something about 'brown bunny' as vincent strolled by.

molly sims looking skeltorish at the kodak theatre on hollywood and highland a couple weeks ago. she was promoting dog biscuits. sad.

· 10/29 - At the Century City food court on Sunday saw a rather serious looking Helen Hunt accompanied by her baby daddy, writer Matthew Carnahan, and Robin Ruzan, Mike Myers' ex, who was happily chatting on her cell. Moments later, glowing, mommy-to-be Annabeth Gish was standing behind me in line at Coral Tree Cafe.

· Saw Kim Basinger sitting with another woman at the Sushi bar of Kushiyu in Tarzana on Sunday evening.

· Sunday afternoon about 4:30 pm

My girlfriend and I had just walked up to the Hollywood sign. A first for me since moving to L.A. three years ago so as you can imagine I never felt more like I lived in the land of la la than at that

On our return hike down who should we see but Miss Good Will Hunting herself: Minnie Driver

She was walking with her black lab and smiled broadly and invitingly as we walked by her. It was a perfect Hollywood companion experience to just having seen the Hollywood sign close up.

I have seen Good WIll Hunting recently and my only regret is we did not stop to talk to her considering she seemed so friendly and I would like to have told her that she was really effective in that performance and perhaps she should continue her acting career. You know a little encouragement to keep up with the

· Thrown by SAW III director & star Shawnee Smith in the Hollywood Hills off of Beechwood Canyon got shut down by LAPD around midnight after the band Hydrovibe played in some house... Results are hundreds of costumed partygoers wandering down the hills and going to Birds to drink until LAPD cleared the neighborhood — THEN you could get your car from valet... I guess its a badge of honor when the cops shut down your party, eh?

· Saw Jeff Garlin at the Tower Records in Sherman Oaks on Saturday morning (10/28) at their liquidation sale. He was on his cell wearing a Cubs hat (very nice since I grew up in Chicago).

· A two-fer on Saturday night (10/28), so rare for me: Ileana Douglas at an art gallery opening on Santa Monica (though I think she missed the awesome band that played, Dolphin Force); and then squee-worthy Emily Deschanel (BONES), with a lovely man, racing to get into Mani's on Fairfax before they closed. She's even prettier in person!

· Amongst all the ten-percenters, touristas and other wannabes, I saw Paul Reubens lunching at Kate Mantilini's last week. He was a bit taller than I expected him to be, and, it seems he works out, but not in that gross, I'm-clearly-overcompensating-for-my-butter-face Carrot Top sorta way.

· Went to Larchmont Beauty Supply last Thursday evening for supplies and noticed a blonde girl in a "college" sweatshirt, jeans, and a ponytail who looked familiar. It was Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls). She's really short in person, has a Huge Head, and gorgeous skin. She chatted with the guy behind the counter for a while - nice personality.

· Michael Rosenbaum and an entourage of about 25 people rolled up to a haunted house in Northridge on Saturday night, October 28th. They all were in one car- a HUGE white Hummer Limousine. They all came out in amazing costumes, and went directly into the haunted house, no wait. They looked like they were having a blast. It was awesome

· Okay, this would have been a much better sighting in 1985, around the Room With A View era. But the guy did a stint on 24 ;ast season so I thought it was worth an email. Julian Sands, wearing shorts and sipping coffer while earnestly discussing Halloween costumes with a female British companion. Maybe they weren't earnest, but, both being British, they sure sounded as much. At La Provence Patisserie on Olympic and LaPeer.

· 10/27/06 I was having lunch with some coworkers at the cafe at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica today and had my best celeb sighting ever (for me, at least). I'm mid-sentence when my coworker interrupts me and points to a petite woman with a mound of bright red hair on top of her head making her way to the counter to order. It took me about 10 seconds to process that it was my hero, Shirley Manson, with a male companion. She was dressed in all black, with no makeup except bright red lipstick and was absolutely stunning (I'd definitely go three-day gay for her). She seemed very relaxed and stopped to play with another patron's puppy before going inside to order. I was geeking out way too hard to say anything to her, which is probably for the best. I would have made a complete ass out of myself.

· Suge Knight at Moonshadows in Malibu, early evening on Sunday in a booth on the balcony. He was sitting with a thin (Hispanic?) guy in a suit — looked like some kind of lawyer perhaps? Everyone gave Suge a lot of space, understandably, and the two appeared to be engaging in serious conversation. One phrase caught:
Suge: "cause you know, I need to protect myself financially"
Suit: "sure, sure"
I'd say he does!