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Halloween (we're in week two — can it please be over?) is still in the Post's reliably Post-y headlines — yesterday's cover story, about a Brooklyn teen named Walter Petryk who was dumb enough to show up dressed as Hitler at Leon H. Goldstein HS (blackface at Martin Luther King Jr. HS might have played better, seriously) gets a follow-up today as the misunderstood Nazi defends his choice. But even larger than the shot of Petryk in his SS regalia is this picture of one Michael Loweth, a "heckler" notable for shouting "You're pathetic!" at Petryk. Also, "This is ridiculous, kid. Grow up! Millions of people died for a schmuck like you!" In a way, we totally understand the prominent coverage of Loweth's insightful heckling. Sure, anyone can toss out a "Boooo" or a "You suck" or a "Go back to (a place)!", but it takes a scholar to come up with that line about the millions of people. Michael, if you're reading this, and you'd like to take your nascent heckling stardom to the next level, get in touch. There are some offices we'd like you to start standing outside.

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