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  • Mika Salmi, the new head of MTV (Global Digital Media) will be an "enabler," helping MTV's various websites work better together. [NYP]
  • Richard Parsons wants to hold on to AOL. For some reason. [NYT]
  • Jeff Jarvis, Craig Newmark, Ken Lerer: three names that must be mentioned in any new media start-up. This one's Daylife, which is getting a ton of cash from the New York Times. [paidContent]
  • Don't want to by the Tribune in its entirety? No big, they'll break off a little piece for you. [NYT]
  • The nation's fifth-largest paper is the fifth-largest paper to be sued. [NYM]
  • There's all sorts of shit going down at the L.A. Weekly, which, shockingly, is a New Times paper. [LA Observed]
  • Good Morning America to suck in three dimensions this weekend! [B&C]