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After writers Max Mutchnick and David Kohan made enough money to have a 50-foot, solid gold Colossi erected inside the CBS Radford lot by mining their personal histories for laughs in Will & Grace (the title characters were based on Mutchnick and his best friend), they've found that each subsequent comedy excavation trip through their pasts has yielded fewer riches and quicker cancellations (see Good Morning Miami and Four Kings, based on their morning show experience and friendship, respectively.) But the THR reports that the duo has convinced CBS to forget about their string of misfires and give them yet another chance to recapture the kind of highly lucrative, homo/hetero buddy-sitcom magic they once stumbled upon with Will & Grace by stripping away all pretense of creativity and just writing about themselves:

Call it "David & Max" — "Will & Grace" creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are teaming with CBS for their next comedy project, which is loosely based on their friendship. [...]

Kohan, who is straight, and Mutchnick, who is gay, have been friends since their teen years at Beverly Hills High School. Like "Will & Grace," their project for CBS is a buddy comedy about a quartet of characters — a gay writer and a straight writer, who are best friends, and their hot young assistants.

Here's hoping they find some success with the Untitled David Kohan And Max Mutchnick Are Completely Out of Ideas Project; if this one fails, there's really nowhere left to go in the realm of self-referentiality but a series centered on two obscenely rich television producers who do nothing but show up to network pitch meetings clutching Emmys and a sack full of syndication money, then beg for one more chance to recapture their TV glory.