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There's something so adorable about the Intel Blogger Challenge. For Intel, the "challenge" seems to be figuring out what they gave six bloggers free laptops for, exactly. For the bloggers — among them, Jen Chung from "The Gothamist," whose Duo Centrino presumably came with panda wallpaper preinstalled — the challenge is writing pithy little essays about "why I blog" (oh god) and smiling semisincerely in their glamorshots. But awesome as all of that sounds, there's an even more special extra layer of wonder and joy that Intel has yet to reveal: there's actually a seventh blogger participating in the "challenge," a "mystery blogger" who, according to Rohit Bhargava's Influential Internet Marketing blog, is "a person who many have considered to have defined the genre of blogging itself and continues to innovate and remain an inspiration to many other bloggers." OMG who IS IT?? We're scanning the room, and frankly, all of the laptops look kinda dinged up. We'll just have to wait until November 15 at noon EST, but frankly, we're not sure we can hold our breath that long.