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The gentrified neighborhood story never gets old, it seems—even when said neighborhood has been gentrified for years. Today's victim was Alphabet City, which the Post breathlessly notes was really crappy back in the day. Why, people even did heroin in Tompkins Square Park!

Of course, it wouldn't be a gentrification story without a cliche-ridden graf comparing then and now:

And while you can no longer score smack in Tompkins, you can visit S'MAC, a trendy gourmet macaroni-and-cheese spot two blocks away. The tents long ago made way for jungle gyms. (Yes, Alphabet City is family-friendly now.) Vacant lots have bloomed into community gardens. Local restaurants get rave reviews. And tenements are giving way to a host of luxe rental and condo buildings minded by concierges and doormen.

Next week: Williamsburg!

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