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Other blogs are much better equipped to keep you informed regarding the coming traffic Apocalypse about to swallow any unfortunate soul wretched enough to have to drive anywhere near LAX, courtesy of your friends at 20th Century Fox's insistence that Live Free or Die Hard be filmed on an authentic stretch of Los Angeles freeway. We can, however, pass along a tiny bit of good news for those who find themselves stuck in a seemingly endless traffic jam: They might hear some shit blow up in the distance and momentarily trick themselves into thinking that the strength of their hate has willed into existence one of their gruesome revenge fantasies involving Bruce Willis and some poorly timed pyrotechnics:

The production company stated in its letter of intent and permit applications that it will use pyrotechnics (explosives) and "gunfire for the entire time" of the filming. One helicopter is scheduled to be used during weekend filming, and "there will be larger explosions" with accompanying smoke early morning of Sundays, Nov. 5 and 12.

There's probably an entire class of angry commuter who can't be placated by ultimately impotent wishes for vengeance; we recommend that these more proactive motorists express their displeasure by lighting on fire and then abandoning their vehicles in front of Fox's Century City studio lot ("gunfire for the entire time" is completely optional) during afternoon rush hour, offering production executives a small taste of the inconvenience their location shoot is inflicting upon the freeways near LAX.