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Since July, we've been intermittently following the occasionally funny-ish but more often just weird adventures of Not Chosen Just Posin', a Catholic guy who "didn't mean to take a job with a Jewish magazine." He blogs about his wacky hijinx like not knowing who Queen Esther is and not knowing what a 'bris' is. Har har. Anyway, we know that today is supposedly all about a real Jew pretending to be a raging anti-Semite, but we kind of prefer to focus on Not Chosen, who seems to us to be a fake Jew doing a bad job of disguising the fact that he might sort of be a little tiny bit of a real anti-Semite. Seriously, dude, you're not Jewish, and no matter how many times you profess your admiration for Jewish culture and Jewish chicks, it doesn't actually make it funny to post a picture of an Orthodox rabbi davening on your Blogger profile.
Well, if NC is as good at being an editor as he seems to think he is, we're sure he'll be able to keep his job if word of his identity gets out. Remember, he works at a Jewish magazine with lots of celebrity coverage. Send us your guesses!