Let's Not Get Too Crazy Over This Tom Cruise Stuff Just Yet: A Lone Voice Of Sanity Round-Up

While scouring the roughly sixteen thousand stories trailing Tom Cruise's unexpected, imminent return to gainful employment this morning, we noticed a lone voice rising from the desert of media analysis, repeatedly countering all the prematurely exuberant chatter about how the actor and producing enforcer Paula Wagner are ready to revive United Artists' legacy, usher in a new, talent-fellating Hollywood Golden Age with their studio gigs, and summon down from the heavens a deluge of investor cash. Not so fast, says our go-to Cruise contrarian:

"'Good for Tom — it's a great press release,' said media analyst Harold Vogel. 'But it's little beyond a press release and the revival of a moribund label that happened to be available.'" [LAT]

· "'The actors are not going to have a cakewalk,' said Harold Vogel, the author of 'Entertainment Industry Economics.' 'These investors don't say, "Oh, it's so glamorous to go to a party." They aren't that dumb. Instead they say, "You will get your money, but we get ours first."'" [NY Times]


· "'Does he still have it? That remains to be seen,' said veteran entertainment analyst Hal Vogel. 'This is not exactly a big studio, it's a moribund label,' Vogel added. 'Let's see what the projects are,' and how much financing they get." [NY Daily News]