As much as journalists hate hearing "This could be a big story for you!" from people begging for news coverage, it's still nicer than getting the same mass message as potential business partners, which only reminds journalists how low they are on the Valley hierarchy. A writer sends in this example:

Email to journalists from a software company too small and probably too nice to pick on:

> We would like to offer you a free evaluation license for ____. We,
> of course, hope that you write something about it, and we believe
> that it will be interesting and relevant to your client base.

What this basically says is: "We also sent this mail to a bunch of professional analysts, consultants, and ghost writers who get paid a lot more than you."

This company needs a separate email list for starving freelance writers like me. Then they can email us the edited version of this pitch that ends with, "We, of course, hope that you write something about it, because we believe it could score you a book deal! Maybe even a TV show!"