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Valleywag contributor Theo DP shreds BusinessWeek's typically gushy cover story on Amazon and founder Jeff Bezos.

There is softball coverage and then there is SOFTBALL COVERAGE. In Jeff Bezos' Risky Bet, the latest BusinessWeek cover story, Amazon sycophants Rob Hof and the BW crew give us a nice example of the latter.

Hof and Co. fawn all over Amazon's latest technology, including the patent-pending 'artificial artificial intelligence' Mechanical Turk, which not-so-impressed others likened to a virtual sweatshop. BW is wowed at how MT made it possible for Amazon to introduce its failed A9 Yellow Pages and may soon enable 18 year-old Eric Cranston to offer a pittance to those who complete mind-numbing photo-editing tasks! And in an exclusive interview, Hof gets Bezos to spill the beans on how MT can be used to tell if a photo has a naked person in it!

Surprised they aren't building entire cities around it.