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You're probably just moments from departing for the happy hour drink specials that will help you blot out the memories of the past week, so let's get to your blind item guesses. But first (there's always a "but first"), quickly review Three Envelope-Dangling Blind Vices:

Ted sez: "But really, the more intriguing of our on-the-edge homo report this week involves Matinee Mooner, who's about as discreet with his homosexuality as Star Jones Reynolds is with her temper. Yet in between screwing his latest male conquest in myriad semipublic locales (takes after Toothy, this one), Mr. Mooner took time out to plug his almost heady career, stopping over for a little couch chat with Oprah, and seduced her so in the process. Not on camera (or behind), mind you, M2 just sorta got his pearlie jobs all sparkling fer the talented broad, and it was no secret Ms. O. was rather smitten." Read the item.

You say:Your guesses are after the jump:

You say: Many of you seemed a little too familiar with Oprah's recent couchmates, readily identifying late September guest Matthew McConaughey, who we've previously seen needs no outside help in matters of sexual gratification, as Matinee Mooner. A few with shorter-term memories mentioned that Denzel Washington stopped by to chat with Oprah this week, but we dismiss speculation that DW is on the DL as patently absurd.

You say: The few of you who bothered with the Renaldo Rim-Me portion of the item guessed Ricky Martin, who we thought had quietly retired from public life to the full-time pursuit of his passion for watersports.

You say: We're not even going to bother with Toothy Tile, as we've been over that particular territory again and again. OK: Jake Gyllenhaal. You forced our hand.

And The Andy Dick/Dakota Fanning Memorial "You Also Say" Item Goes To: David Banda, whose proud mommy recently sought out the big O to chat about the joys of abduction adoption.

Thanks to everyone for playing!