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Sometimes we feel bad for Moby. After all, just because someone is overly self-righteous and makes boring music doesn't mean everyone should hate on him!

But then we read things like his interview on Paper magazine's website, and, well, the goodwill we'd stored up floats away like so many mid-'90s Ecstasy tablets. Some of the highlights:

"Most of my music isn't really electronically generated, I just somehow got tagged with the 'techno' label, so even if I write quiet classical music for a film people still think of me as the techno guy."

Oh, boo-fucking-hoo. More Mobyisms after the jump.

How would you say your tastes and creativity is different today than when you were part of the hardcore scene?

They haven't changed much, actually. I've always liked just about everything.

How long have you been a vegan?

19 years. With one lapse...I had yogurt in 1992.

If you had to write down one flaw to wear as a banner around your neck, what would it be?

I worry too much.

We'd give you more, but we just fell asleep.

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