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Over the weekend, a sharp-eyed reader, somehow not completely numbed into sensory failure by the recent proliferation of election season TV ads, noticed a striking similarity between a baby in a commercial for Prop 87 and Suri Cruise, the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes offspring suspiciously withheld from public view for several agonizing months following her alleged date of birth. A trio of possibilities instantly present themselves: a) a politically sympathetic Cruise lent his daughter to the cause (or, perhaps, is putting her to work to help fund his next movie project); b) the Prop 87 folks used the same casting agency employed by Cruise for the Vanity Fair cover shoot, who mistakenly supplied the same talent despite his insistence that the infant be permanently retired at the conclusion of the VF gig; c) all adorable newborns wearing fashion-forward baby toupees look alike.

Video of the ad follows after the jump, allowing you to form your own opinions about the amazing resemblance. ("Suri" is the second baby shown.)