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With Neil Patrick Harris' recent, matter-of-fact declaration of his own gayhood, and the similar celebrity announcements that preceded it, we could very well be entering a Golden Age of Hollywood Gays, where Best Actor winners won't think twice before gushingly thanking their partners at the podium, as opposed to surreptitiously squeezing their names between a rattled off list of agents and managers. In honor of this new time of openness, exciting to just about everyone save for the legions of publicists who have devoted the better parts of their careers to honing perfectly crafted deflections of the painfully obvious, (the people who previously gave Scientologists the same flipbook treatment) has amassed every remotely famous out person in history into one exhaustive slideshow entitled, "It's In To Be Out: Openly Gay Celebrities." It's a handy reference to bookmark, useful for everyone from fledgling anti-gay militias looking to debrief new recruits, to fans of Frasier who just needed a quick memory jog to help them recall which cast member actually came out of the closet.