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Valleywag writer Megan McCarthy IMed me from today's Widgets Live conference, the first con held by blog network GigaOM: "This conference would be so much more exciting if it were about midgets." Later, we chatted about the event:

Megan McCarthy: okay, basically, this conference is all about widgets [embeddable pieces of code for web pages] and gadgets and it's all kind of cool and useful in practice

Nick Douglas: This is something you can hold an entire conference on?

Megan: I'm as shocked as you
I'm learning lots of ways to pimp out my myspace page
I'll be stylin' soon

Nick: And those attendees unlucky enough to nab a press pass, they paid HOW much to learn that?

Megan: about $100?
it's all about the networking at this thing
[TechCrunch blog founder] Michael Arrington ran away from me
Nick: So how good was the networking? Who'd you see?
First Marissa, then Arrington. We'll have to start a hall of fame.

Megan: the "I'm Afraid of Valleywag" club
we can send them a button
How about this, we can create an "Afraid of Valleywag" widget and they can post it on their site

Nick: so who else was there?

Megan:[GigaOM founder] Om Malik, of course
Tara Hunt from Citizen Agency
The Feedburner guys
(The CTO of feedburner showed me how to use RSS feeds. He was very nice)

Nick: any memorable talks?

Megan: a LOT of it went over my head
Marc Canter [former Macromedia exec] was his usual bombastic self
[TailRank maker] Kevin Burton's here
Met some people from Fox Interactive in LA. They told me I need to come down there for a party

Nick: so did our readers miss anything other than a chance to meet dot-commers?

Megan: Free coffee
& good sandwiches
There was a big debate: Is the terminology called Widgets? Or is it called Gadgets?

Nick: i haven't heard a worse debate since freshman year speech club.

Megan: I think they should decide by using the Thunderdome method
Fight to the death
Two terms enter, one term leaves