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George R. R. Martin wrote for The Twilight Zone. He's won four Hugo Awards and a Nebula Award for his science fiction. To his knowledge, he never moonlighted as a terrorist. PayPal disagrees, he says, so they've frozen his account.

The reason my account was locked was because my name has turned up on a list out of the U.S. Treasury Department. Specifically, something called the "Office of Foreign Assets Control."

Why the hell I would be on this list, I have no idea. I have no "foreign assets" that I know of, aside from a long-moribund bank account in Poland from the days before the Berlin Wall went down, when the Poles could only pay you in soft zlotys that you had to go to Poland to spend.

Because Martin's name shows up on a U.S. Treasury list, PayPal's holding the fifty bucks Martin has in the account (he counts himself lucky this didn't happen when he had $1000 in there) and refuses to negotiate. Martin says he's giving up — he's too busy writing another novel to fight PayPal and the Treasury. So fans buying his signed books online will have to send a check.

PayPal Thinks I'm a Terrorist [George R. R. Martin's blog; photo from official site]