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  • Bill Keller, everyone he knows, disagrees with NYT ombudsman (sorry, "Public Editor") Byron "Barney" Calame on banking story. [NYT]
  • If you bought today's newspaper you're a sucker, says Jack Shafer. [Slate]
  • Dave Zinczenko slammed by Graydon Carter; told the "dead Art Cooper" anecdote once too often. [Radar]
  • Fox News having a hard time with this whole election thing. [TVNewser]
  • "Smarter, sharper" Marie Claire selling pretty much the way you'd expect a "smart, sharp" woman's magazine to sell. [WWD]
  • Donald Trump likes his own name. [Copyranter]
  • MySpace offends Germans' delicate sense of order. [NYT]
  • FCC somehow conned into believing an interview with a Survivor contestant is actually "news." [B&C]
  • Reality TV producer doesn't exactly deny being a ""scum-smeared zombie with the brainpower of a blood orange and the imagination of a bin." [Guardian]