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"The whole idea behind the bar-restaurant is bringing things back to NYC, like American and New York things." That's Paul Sevigny (who probably resents that he needs to be formally identified as Chlo 's brother first, member of A.R.E. Weapons second), discussing his new, so topsecretshhhh! bar-restaurant with Grub Street's resident Gawker Hottie, Daniel Maurer. The old Beatrice Inn was a crappy Italian restaurant, beloved of old-school (okay, maybe just 'old') West Villagers for its quietness and unpretentiousness — the very attributes, of course, that Sevigny's revamp is stripping away. To wit: a party for Courtney Love has already been thrown there. The menu includes old-school favorites and cutesy nods to Newyorkania like a vanilla vodka egg cream. Long story short? Suggest it, not La Esquina or Freeman's, to friends who you're desperately trying to convince that you're cooler than you actually are.

Paul Sevigny's 'Top Secret' Beatrice: Hipster Restaurant of the Season [Grub Street]