Defamer Clip N' Save Voting Guide: Brad And Suri Say Yes On 87

As a registered nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, Defamer would never attempt to influence your voting decisions, but it's our duty to keep our readers informed about how some of Hollywood's most politically active celebrities are choosing to use their influence on this Election Day. With partner Angelina Jolie out of the country and distracted by her various refugee-related pursuits, Brad Pitt instead consulted with one of his most trusted political advisers, official Yes on 87 spokesbaby Suri Cruise, who quickly persuaded the environmentally minded actor to officially endorse the clean-energy proposition at a rally yesterday. We encourage our readers to clip out the attached image to supplement their sample ballots, as a quick glance at this visual voting guide should provide an instant reminder of where two of the entertainment industry's deepest thinkers stand on the issue.

[Photo: Getty Images (top)]