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  • So, important election results: Which anchor won? The general consensus seems to be Charlie Gibson, although Tom Shales gives it to Brian Williams, with Katie Couric getting an "affably in command." Meanwhile, the kids at Fox News were kinda bummed. [WaPo]
  • All the Dean Baquet news you need, plus a gratuitous shot at Jeff Jarvis. [NYO]
  • Who's gonna replace the 'Toos? Keith Kelly hears Amy Goldwasser. [NYP]
  • Speaking of the 'Toos, our favorite line in the coverage of her departure: "Rubenstein's open cultivation of Hearst president Cathleen Black — grating on other editors with her cloying toasts to her boss at gatherings, taking Black's children to concerts, naming Black her hero on Rubenstein's MySpace blog — only went so far." [WWD]
  • The U.K.'s Telegraph group posted a loss of 12 million. We're talking New York Post numbers here. [Guardian]