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[Spoiler Alert: Just skip this one if you haven't seen Borat or haven't already had most of the movie ruined for you by the obsessive press coverage.] Those who have spent the past month or so trapped in a meat locker in an underground bunker deep beneath one of the country's low-Borat-awareness zones might conceivably be unaware that the film contains both scripted and unscripted elements, a conceit used to give the movie narrative shape and the audience things to laugh at between incidents with RVs full of racist frat-boys and dinner party hosts stunned to discover their Kazakh guest's seeming unfamiliarity with Western waste-elimination apparatuses. In an attempt to ease the fears of moviegoers still concerned that well-hung minors and prodigiously breasted former Baywatch stars might have been harmed in the making of the film, Radar (shockingly!) reveals that part of Borat's teenage son, whose member dangles incestuously close to his fictional father's face, was played by a completely legal male porn star, while Page Six (world-rockingly!) assures us that Pamela Anderson's security detail almost certainly has been trained in how to instantly stun-gun any fan who shows up to a personal appearance brandishing a hand-embroidered betrothal-bag, despite their relative bungling of their duties in the film's culminating scene. You may return to rediscovering on your own the line between fiction and reality hopelessly blurred by your potentially traumatizing cinematic experience.