· What happens when one of the producers of Drawn Together pounds some ipecac before being interviewed by Kennedy? Exactly what you'd expect: prodigious vomiting. Enjoy.
· We're willing to bet being instructed to write Roman Polanski into Rush Hour 3 doesn't even rate in the top ten most frustrating things that Brett Ratner has asked of screenwriter Jeff Nathanson during their collaborations.
· Someone at Mastro's seems to have near-perfect recall of what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes recently ordered for dinner. Fascinating stuff, yet we find it odd the spy failed to mention the crucial detail that Holmes' ankle was shackled to a five-hundred-pound weight the entire meal.
· The real challenge for the product placement consultants wasn't getting their client's Treo phones a pivotal role in A Good Year, it was convincing Russell Crowe not to bludgeon a mouthy PA with it.
· Comedy Central's Insider blog has a timeline of how they broke the news that Rumsfeld was accepting an honorable shitcanning for last night's Republican bloodletting. All hail basic-cable-based citizen's media!