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We have another Spider Jerusalem Award, the prize for the most awesinine blurbs in tech journalism. The latest Rolling Stone treats 20-something dot-com moguls like, well, rock stars. Says writer David Kushner (not the Velvet Revolver guitarist):

Every so often, an unexpected pop-cultural youthquake spawns its power clique, and that's what's happening in California this endless summer of silicon love. As the YouTube buyout in October signified, Silicon Valley is on fire again. Giddy venture capitalists have already broken a five-year record by pumping $13.4 billion into startups. Ron Conway, the legendary investor known as the Godfather of Silicon Valley, describes the party mood as "borderline euphoria." And the scrappy prodigies at this bar are the main reason. "Through these entrepreneurs," says Conway, "you can see the future."

They're — they're like kaleidoscopes! Kaleidoscopes made of money!

The Baby Billionaires of Silicon Valley [Rolling Stone]