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In a past life, we remember receiving blogger Brooke "Belle In The Big Apple" Parkhurst's book proposal and being more annoyed by it than by anything we'd seen in a while. Worse than the Scary Sadshawness of Brooke's nom de blog was the fact that, in the cover letter, her agent used the fact that she'd been "mentioned on Gawker" (Mentioned! on GAWKER!!!) to prop up his claim that she was "New York's new 'It' Girl." (We're paraphrasing here, not having a Cam Jansen memory, but you can rest assured that whatever the letter actually said was even more annoying). Anyway, cut to this morning: after having attended this ultra-exclusive Spy magazine party that you may have heard about a little bit, Brooke sent us a hot tip: she'd been spoken to by Revlon billionaire and serial monogamist Ron Perelman. Can you imagine? Well, you don't have to:

Within the next two minutes and with the aplomb of, well, Ronald Perelman, he informed me of his profession—"CEO and chairman of the board of 'Revlon'"—and his religion, "I'm Jewish, you?"
My Lord, this was the most straightforward Manhattan bar pick-up transaction that I had ever experienced! Was this how the media elite operated? I had just sipped a drink next to Anna Wintour, spoken with Kurt Andersen, admired the coiffes of Graydon Carter and Harvey Weinstein... Clearly I was way out of my league.

Yup, clearly. Also, Brooke, we think you dropped something.