At the Web 2.0 Summit, host John Battelle asks each of three startup founders how much VC funding they recently took. Their answers:

  • Zimbra founder/CEO Satish Dharmaraj: $15 million from Benchmark, Redpoint, and others. They "haven't touched it...we didn't want to position ourselves for a buyout as the goal of the company. When the capital was available at an attractive valuation, we took it in." As Battelle notes, the venture capitalists may care a bit, no?
  • Veoh founder Dmitry Shapiro: $14.75 million.
  • Wink founder/CEO Michael Tanne: Didn't hear a number from him. Survey says $6.2 million.

Aaaand panelist Jason Calacanis from AOL has something to say about that. Surprise surprise.