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Every time we pass E.Vil noodlebar Momofuku, we wonder how it's possible that there's always such a mammoth line of hungry hipstersyupsters clogging the sidewalk. Sure, New York Mag deemed it the best "cheap eats" (our definition of "cheap" is a 25 cent packet of ramen, not a $14 bowl of it, but we digress), and chef David Chang was honored by Food and Wine as a Best New Chef of the year. Buzzbuzzbuzz. Whatever. There would have to be a rainbow-winged unicorn covered in diamonds at the bottom of that ramen bowl to entice us to stand in line for an hour in order to crouch on a stool at a packed counter of a perpetually-overfull restaurant, but then, that's us. What about you? Have you tasted the transcendent ramen? Does it taste like a choir of angels singing, or did you regret the hour of your life you spent staring at the traffic on First Ave.? Tell us.