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Wanna know who's getting booted from Yahoo next week? Here are the definite losers and the could-be-gones, with some corporate buzz about their chances. If you have more, e-mail


  • Bill Demas, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Yahoo Publishing Network
  • Will Johnson, VP & general manager of the Yahoo Publishing Network

One can hope

  • Chief Technology Officer Farzad Nazem [already "not all there," knowwhatimean?]
  • Chief Information Officer Lars Rabbe [if it's broke, he don't fix it]
  • Senior VP of platform and product engineering Phu Hoang [what does this man do?]
  • Chief Product Officer Ash Patel [doesn't get it]
  • Senior VP of Connected Life Marco Boerries [the anti-Midas]
  • Senior Product Manager for Yahoo Publisher Network Cody Simms [scenester here for the ride]
  • Senior Product Manager in Corporate Development Ian Kennedy [here for another ride (maybe the tilt-a-whirl)]

One suspects is imminent

  • Marc Davis, founder of Yahoo! Research Berkeley [tossed out months ago]

Likely? Hell Yeah

  • CEO Terry Semel (pictured)


  • Whoever invited Deepak Chopra to visit Yahoo