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As insane as Peter Braunstein's Halloween escapades were last year, it did seem strange that he had effectively gone from zero to 60 on the gross-out scale in a matter of moments. Yeah, he'd been creepy and weird before, we knew that, but not so weird that anyone thought he might, you know, dress up like a fireman so he could chloroform and sexually abuse his former co-worker on Halloween. Ugh.

But now comes word from the Post that, hey, lookit that, "Pervy Peter" was already totally completely off his rocker:

Braunstein - a former Women's Wear Daily writer - left threatening phone messages and e-mails with the three women "upon being rejected on personal or business matters" during 2003 and 2004, according to the documents, filed yesterday by prosecutors in Manhattan criminal court.

In one case, the curly-haired creep even repeatedly rang the buzzer at the home of one of the victims, whom he threatened to ruin professionally, the papers stated.

Well, look who's ruined professionally now, huh.

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