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In December's Esquire, and in a HuffPo excerpt, screenwriter John Ridley (pictured) eschews pussyfooting around the 'n-word.' He also eschews, um, making any kind of sense.

So I say this: It's time for ascended blacks to wish niggers good luck. Just as whites may be concerned with the good of all citizens but don't travel their days worrying specifically about the well-being of hillbillies from Appalachia, we need to send niggers on their way. We need to start extolling the most virtuous of ourselves. It is time to celebrate the New Black Americans—those who have sealed the Deal, who aren't beholden to liberal indulgence any more than they are to the disdain of the hard Right.

Not really our place to get upset about/analyze any of the above (we learned at least that much from all of our 'Dialectics of ____ and Its Discontents' classes in college), but we did want to point out that Esquire might have wanted to vet this article a little bit more closely for, you know, being sort of legendarily offensive. Also, copyeditor? "Travel their days?"

The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American Nigger [Esquire]