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So yeah, Slate scribe and Jonathan Safran Foer sib Joshua sold his memoir about memorizing shit to Anne Godoff for a cool 1.2 million, like we said.
Today we learn that film rights to the book, now tentatively titled Moonwalking with Einstein, have sold to Paramount.

The book sold on the basis of a proposal, which we hear was rather scanty and unimpressive. But maybe Joshua's a really kickass writer whose work is worth a ton of money. Let's dip into our own archives and see if we can come up with any evidence either way . . . ah, here we go. Joshua Foer, on Conor Oberst:

That first song, "The Big Picture," with its lo-fi hollering that sounds like it's pouring out of a blood-splattered shower, is both a self-referential homage to the raw pubescent angst that first brought a 13-year-old Oberst to the attention of the music establishment and a mature reflection on the album's central theme: the relationship between art and artifice.

Fuck it, we're changing our last name to Foer, wiping our ass, and then selling the tp to the highest bidder.

Par Pix Nabs Foer Memoir [Variety]

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