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A spy at the Web 2.0 conference currently going on in San Francisco reports that Her Boaness Laurel Touby has sent her minions from Mediabistro (publisher Kyle Crafton and CTO Omer Algar) to quietly scope out the possibilities of getting—get this—$25 million for what's basically a glorified classifieds section/Learning Annex knockoff. Of course, this isn't the first time Laurel's put her company on the block. Come to think of it, is Mediabistro ever not on the block?

For those non-dorkuses in the room, the whole Web 2.0 thing is basically a way that companies are differentiating themselves from all those idiots from Web 1.0, who took way too much money from venture capital firms and hired way too many people before they remembered to actually make money. Web 2.0 companies, like MySpace and flickr and YouTube, kept themselves relatively lean and mean before selling out for massive amounts of money. Now it seems as though Mediabistro is trying to convince everyone that they're also a Web 2.0 company, even though, well, they're not. Oh Laurel. LaurelLaurelLaurel. When will you ever learn?

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