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Haven't heard any more names of Yahoo VPs definitely (allegedly) getting fired, but two readers have some theories. Confirm or correct us at

One asks, "Anyone heard of Dan Finnigan? The guy is an SVP running nothing the last time I looked." ("Nothing" in this case might be Yahoo Hotjobs, which he joined in 2002.)

Another says:

You should check out why the Chief Data Officer (Osama Fayyad) and the VP of Data Solutions (Basel Ojjeh) are working with DMX Group...

More of that after the jump.

The second reader continues:

and, why is the later, is standing in the middle of this picture, in Beruit working a deal between this company, MICROSOFT, and a Lebonese bank??? Note he is there, but not mentioned.

The guy Jamie Charif mentioned as the EMEA head of DMX runs all of that business through Syria.

In short, does Yahoo know that one of its officers is running Yahoo business through a company he owns, and is doing so in Syria???

What the hell are they actually doing for Yahoo???

Conflicts of interest in Syria! We'll get Fat George Clooney on this case right away.

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