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The NYT goes deep today and uncovers an insidious new trend: parents who moved to the suburbs for the schools, only to discover that suburban public schools kinda suck, too. At least, they're not up to the high standards of the ridic parents the Times managed to unearth, including one mother who was so horrified that her son was making dried macaroni art projects in first grade that she whisked him into a school "where teachers have encouraged [her son's] curiosity through projects like building an arch and studying rocks and bones found nearby." Ooh, studying rocks and bones! That's worth $25K a year, for sure.

Then there's the story of a New Jersey woman who started sending her daughters to private school,

after the oldest, Katie, a straight-A student who was not into clothes or makeup, became excluded from social cliques at her public school. Mrs. Morash said that complaining to officials there did not help, but that at Pingry, the headmaster once summoned every fifth-grade girl to his office to say that malicious gossiping was not acceptable under the school's honor code.

And they wonder why private school kids are such pussies.

Leaving the City for the Schools, and Regretting It [NYT]