Twatwaffle Slighted Again in Shocking Word of the Year Upset

According to the lexicographers (that's Latin for "enormous nerds") who compile the New Oxford American Dictionary, this year's word of the year — word, we guess, is loosely defined as "two words" — is "carbon neutral." Thanks, Al Gore! Thank you for robbing twatwaffle of a totally deserved title. Jerk. Other close contenders — ok, t-waffle wasn't actually up there — included "CSA," "elbow bump" (whaa?), "Islamofascism" and "pregaming." We personally like to eat some CSA kohlrabi while we pregame before heading out to bash some Islamofascists, but seriously, what the hell is carbon neutral? We read the article and we still don't understand what it means. We're totally, totally clear on the twatwaffle concept, though. Well, there's always next year.

Carbon Neutral: Oxford Word of the Year