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Today, screenwriter John Ridley responds to the four pages of hyperventilating comments that his Esquire excerpt provoked by . . . uh, we're still not sure. The title of his new essay is 'Nigger v. Queer: How Gays Got it Right," which seems to imply that he equates the way gay people have "reclaimed" the word queer with how he wishes black people would nullify the stigma associated with "nigger." Wait, is that what he's saying? "There is not one individual on this planet who can make a black into a nigger. We can only do that to ourselves."

Hmm, it doesn't sound like he's suggesting that "nigger" should become a relatively offensiveness-free term like "queer." In fact, we're not really getting the point of the comparison at all. And we're definitely not getting the comparison of "the left"'s refusal to use the word to a "sick game of Twister." Or what Ridley is trying to mean by "I am unsure of how anyone can take a contrary stance with the tenant of self-reliance" (though we're 90% sure he meants 'tenet.')
Actually, the only thing we're really sure of is that the HuffPo might want to hire some kind of proofreader or something, so people would at least have a better idea of what, exactly, they should be getting offended by.

John Ridley: Nigger v. Queer: How Gays Got it Right [HuffPo]
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