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There's an article behind the pay wall in today's Wall Street Journal about "destination elevators," buttonless cars programmed to arrive at specific floors. They're initially difficult to adjust to, causing confusion among the elderly (Rupert Murdoch) and the young alike. But,

Most people catch on pretty quickly. Just a month after the Hearst Tower opened, some Hearst executives said they were forgetting to push buttons in old-fashioned elevators. "My problem has become that I keep forgetting to press buttons in the elevator in my apartment building, so as I tap tap tap on my BlackBerry, I realize minutes later that the elevator hasn't moved," says Atoosa Rubenstein, the departing editor in chief of Hearst's Seventeen magazine.

There's a metaphor in there somewhere.

To Uneasy Riders, Buttonless Elevators Have Ups and Downs [WSJ]