Remember way back in the day when there was all that press about Neil Strauss's douchebook, The Game? If you're a lady, you probably remember because around that time some dude who had read one too many of the articles came up to you in a bar and tried to 'neg' you and you were just, like, "What the fuck are you talking about, asshole? Fuck off! Also, why are you wearing a shiny polyester suit?" Anyway, long story short, apparently none of that publicity made it to Staten Island, where today the S. I. Advance reports on what life is like for a P.U.A. (that's pick up artist, for the ten of you who remain blissfully ignorant to Strauss's douchey lexicon) named "Affection," without ever even mentioning the book. Sic sic sic, obvs:

"Affection," as he is known in his professional world, is a PUA, or "pick-up artist" — which should not be confused with the term PUG, or "pick-up guru." The latter coveted designation is reserved only for a select few master flirts who consistently seduces "tens," an actual rating given only to the most stunning of women hovering supermodel status.

Maybe after Staten Island catches up with all of last year's dumb trends, they can start learning how to proofread.

A Night In the Life of A Pick Up Artist [Staten Island Advance]