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In this lengthy interview, Tinsley Mortimer shares her thoughts about the works of Marx and Engels. PSYCH! The Post has no idea what the word 'socialist' means, and Tinsley Mortimer gives the most retarded quotes imaginable. Seriously, more retarded than you are currently imagining them to be. A little tease:

"Everyone I've met in Japan has been absolutely adorable," she says. "They have big smiles on their faces, and they just are so cute and seem so happy to meet you or work with you or something."

I was wearing this hot pink - so perfect, 'cause pink's my favorite color - Givenchy dress. It was pink and it had these little crystal buttons down the side and it had this big bow, like, right up here, and the bow, and the pink - I mean, it couldn't be more perfect for me! And I wear it, and Vogue was doing a sort of 'color of the moment' or something, and I just opened the magazine and saw it. I was so excited. I mean, I like to see my picture.

[Columbia, Tinsley's alma mater] was so beautiful. The architecture and everything. It might as well have been in Europe.

You know, Vogue was tough. I mean, it was such good training, just dealing with people, and, you know, it was a bunch of girls, and girls can be tough. And, um, also, you just have to - you don't have to be, but it feels like you're obligated to be super-chic in the morning, with your Manolos. It's not getting up in the morning - I have two Chihuahuas, so I get up pretty early. But just to be totally fixed up - it was a little overwhelming.

I always sort of dreamed of going to Parsons and stuff for interior design. Then I realized that, I mean, I was there, and I, um, I just got a little sick of papers. And school.

Ok, this must be the kicker, though:

Obviously it's all sort of in good fun," Mortimer says, struggling to be polite. "It's humorous. But unfortunately, I think it's a little sad. Those anomynous" - here she wincingly mispronounces the word - "posted comments are just not very nice sometimes. And to give someone free reign to be anomynous and say whatever they want and lie - that's hurtful.

Oh, please don't hurt Tinsley, anomynous commenters! Please!

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