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Are you cool and underemployed? If so, the UrbanBaby set might want you to be a "special guest star" in their childrearing show. Meredith Berkman, who covers the mommy beat for the Sun, writes about her quest to find the perfect non-babysitter to babysit her children. "A former flirtation expert, I am legendary in my circle for picking up baby sitters in unexpected places: at the Jewish Museum shop (an Israeli rock singer); in a swimming pool (a developmental psychology graduate student), and at Wollman Rink (a skating coach who is also a student)."

According to Berkman, there are many mommies like her who crave the thrill of discovering "the domestic-help diamond in the rough." But be warned — by Berkman's own admission, the job isn't perfect for every dilettante:

Recently, we were dumped after one weekend by a social work graduate student who wrote in a farewell e-mail that working for us would be "too psychologically intense."

No, really?

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