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Apparently, working as a bartender at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater isn't always so funny. Margot Leitman reports:

This guy from The Strokes (the one with the huge hair) insisted on leaning on the bar exit (the thing I have to flip up to scoot out) all night. For four hours every time I had to re-stock, throw something out, use the bathroom etc., I had to say "excuse me" to him, to which he would move and then immediately return back to that annoying spot to lean. Everyone knows that's a bad place to stand, at any bar.

Everyone except Hammond, apparently. And his wrong-placeyness isn't bar-specific, Leitman continues:

One month later, I was doing a sketch on Conan O'Brien, and I was changing in the dressing room. As I exited, the door bashed right into that same guy from the Strokes. "Excuse me," I said. He looked at me, recognized me and said "Hey! You again!" That dude is always in my fucking way.

Sounds like the dude has a real problem. Any other service industry personnel been displaced or inconvenienced by Mr. Hammond? Let us know.

From Behind the Bar at the UCBT [Apiary]