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Oh thank the heavens above. We can now learn from the open-shirtedest Pick Up Artist in all of NYC's forgotten borough firsthand, in a video on the Staten Island Advance's website. Choice lines:

  • "Is it normal for girls to want to sleep with old men?"
  • "Would you sleep with Xena warrior princess?"
  • "I am really going to miss you. Would you give me your number?" (Uh, contrary to the video's "evidence" we have to believe that this stalkerish line has never, ever worked).
  • Craving more "Affection?" Visit his MySpace. Or, like, don't. Here, we'll sum it up for you: "Girls tend to try to use me for sex. There's nothing more amusing than telling a girl no. "Wait... you mean you won't sleep with me? *confused*" Comfort, connection, and trust. :)"

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