Staten Island's Pimpmasterly P.U.A. Live In Action

Oh thank the heavens above. We can now learn from the open-shirtedest Pick Up Artist in all of NYC's forgotten borough firsthand, in a video on the Staten Island Advance's website. Choice lines:

  • "Is it normal for girls to want to sleep with old men?"
  • "Would you sleep with Xena warrior princess?"
  • "I am really going to miss you. Would you give me your number?" (Uh, contrary to the video's "evidence" we have to believe that this stalkerish line has never, ever worked).

    Craving more "Affection?" Visit his MySpace. Or, like, don't. Here, we'll sum it up for you: "Girls tend to try to use me for sex. There's nothing more amusing than telling a girl no. "Wait... you mean you won't sleep with me? *confused*" Comfort, connection, and trust. :)"

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